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The Thomas M. Loome Catholic Modernism Research Collection–now for sale


The Thomas M. Loome Catholic Modernism Research Collection

The Thomas M. Loome Catholic Modernism Research Collection is the largest research collection of Catholic Modernist books, pamphlets, manuscripts, letters, journals, and photographs. Thomas Loome assembled the materials for the collection over many years visiting institutional archives, publishers, and private homes from England to Germany to France and Italy. Loome, as the original “librarian” of the collection, organized copies of correspondence in sequence with annotations, tracked down journal articles and pseudonymous pamphlets, annotated books with references to correspondence and journal articles. Loome privately rebound hundreds of titles, often in fine leather. He also bound periodicals and pamphlets in attractive marbled boards. The Thomas M. Loome Catholic Modernism Collection is the only collection to show the varied and extensive links between the broad movement of Modernism, mostly in the Catholic Church, but also in Protestant communions.

Loome sold the collection to the University of San Francisco in 1975 where it languished uncataloged and largely unaccessed. Recently the collection has passed back to the bookstore Loome founded, Loome Theological Booksellers.

If you would like to examine the collection for purchase or inquire as to the price of the collection please contact Christopher Hagen at 651-430-1092

Below is Loome’s original description of the collection:

The collection is far and away the largest and most comprehensive collection on “Modernism” in existence, markedly superior, for example, to the holdings on Modernism of the British Museum and the Bibliothèque Nationale combined. The collection includes:

1. Approximately [1500] printed works, most of which have recently been repaired and/or bound, in many cases in fine leather (a few works, recently acquired, need binding):

a. These printed works embrace the whole range of theological “Modernism”, primarily in Roman Catholicism but also including Modernism within the Protestant and Anglican churches.

b. These printed works embrace Modernism primarily in Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany, but include also primary printed documentation for Modernism in the Netherlands, America, Switzerland and Austria.

c. Most of these printed works were published during the years 1895-1912, but the collection includes almost all of the studies and monographs on Modernism and individual Modernists published subsequently.

d. The collection includes numerous anonymous, pseudonymous and privately printed works, as well as signed presentation copies and/or works from the personal libraries of almost all the major Roman Catholic Modernists (e.g. Blondel, Bremond, Fawkes, Houtin, von Hügel, Laberthonnière, Loisy, Merkly, Petre, Schnitzer, Tyrrell, Ward).

2. A very large collection of unpublished documentation, almost all in photocopy and carefully ordered folio volumes, the remainder in microfilm.

a. This documentation centers on George Tyrrell and Friedrich von Hügel and includes almost all their extant correspondence.

b. The originals are preserved in approximately 45 different collections, some in private hands, some in institutional archives or libraries.

c. In addition to the Tyrrell and von Hügel material there is a wide range of additional unpublished documentation concerning other Modernists; chiefly drawn from British and German archival sources.

3. The correspondence received by [Thomas Loome] from almost all of the international authorities on Roman Catholic Modernism, in all approximately 500 letters from the period 1968-1974.

Details of the Collection:

A. Manila Folders Containing Copies of Documents, Copies of Articles, Offprints, Some Photographs, and Some Original Correspondence. Each Folder Identified Below; Numbering is Arbitrary.

1. “Joseph Schnitzer (1859-1939)”. Contains letter from Alois Schnitzer to Thomas Loome describing letters from such as Loisy, Houtin, Laberthonnière, Sabatier, and Buonaiutti to Schnitzer; copies of a few letters; copy of a 1908 Schnitzer article (in German).

2. “Albert Ehrhard (1862-1940)”. Copies of four articles (in German), 1902-1908.

3. “Philipp Funk (1884-1937)”. List of writings; 2 photographs and photograph of painted portrait; biographical notes and obituary.

4. “Hugo Koch (1869-1940)”. Biographical material.

5. “Francis Xavier Kraus (1840-1901)”. Seven articles (in German) by Kraus (1897-1903); one article (in German) on Kraus (n.d.).

6. “Francis Xavier Kraus”. Copies of five articles by Kraus (in German), signed “Gerontius” in Allgemeine Zeitung (1899-1901) regarding English ecclesiastical situation; copies of nine letters of Kraus to the A.Z. (1895-99).

7. “Sebastian Merkle (1862-1945)”. Copies of a few articles (c.1912+); copy of letter to Lady Blennerhassett (1914).

8. “Joseph Sauer (1872-1949)”. Copies of transcripts of four letters of Sauer to Loisy (1902+) (in French, from Bibliotheque Nationale).

9. “Joseph Sauer”. Copy of “Tagebucher: III. Teil (9.Dez.1901-11.August 1916)” and “Reise journal 22.Nov.1900-10.Jan. 1901 (Paris-Lyon-Marseilles-Italien)”.

10. “Joseph Sauer”. Signed, miscellaneous essays (1902, 1905).

11. “Joseph Sauer”. Copies of three articles from Beilage fur Allgemeinen Beitung (1903-1904).

12. “Paul Schanz – Aufsätze über Modernisten”. Seven copies of articles.

13. “Hermann Schell”. Copies of a few articles.

14. “Heinrich Schrörs (1852-1928)”. Copies of several articles and reviews (1900-1906).

15. “Andere Reformkatholiken”. Biographical information (slight) on Julius Bachen (1845-1918), editor of Kolnishen Volkzeitung (1869-1914); Otto Bardenhewer (1851-1935); Heinrich Gunter (1870-1951); Franz Xavier Kiefl (1869-1928); Joseph Müller (1855-1942); Martin Spahn (1875-1945).

16. “Renaissance 1900-“.

17. “Literarische Rundschau” (edited by Joseph Sauer). Two page list of reviews (1905-1910) including at least nine or ten by Bremond.

18. “Beilage der Münchener…Nachrichter”. List of eleven articles (1908-1909), including one by Eucken on “Tyrrell und Mercier”, J. Schnitzer on Sabatier, and a review of Tyrell’s Letter to a Professor.

19. “Freie Deutsche Blätter (2-3-01 – 29-3-02)”. Three-page list of articles by Sauer in FDB; seven-page list of articles in FDB (1901-1912), including entries for “Sincerus”, Tyrrell (1907), Norman Smyth, and Maude Petre (translation of letter to Times, 1909); also items from Das Zwanzigste Jahrhundert (1902-1908) and Das Neue Jahrhundert: Organ der deutschen Modernisten (1909-1914), a journal edited by Philipp Funk.

20. “Demain”. List of numbers of the review, including list of 24 patrons/collaborators; list of some contributors to Demain; copies of a few articles.

21. “Süddentsche Monatschefte (1904-1903)”.

22. “Beilage fur Allgemeine Zeitung (Munich)”. Nine copies of articules (1902-1907), including one by Eucken on Tyrrell’s Lex Credendi (1906).

23. “B. The Vatican I Generation”. Names and dates of personages in Germany and England.

24. “C. The ‘Middle Generation’”. Names and dates of personages in Germany and England.

25. “D. The Modernist Generation”. Names and dates of personages in Germany and England (those who were in 30s or early 40s in 1903).

26. “Chronology for ‘Reform Katholizismus’”. List of names, mostly German, but including von Hügel, Frank Rooke Ley, and Tyrrell; list of German pseudonyms.

27. “Holtzmann über Reform Katholizismus”. Several pages of copies of articles by Holtzmann and at least three others in German and French reviews (1903-1908).

28. “Writings of Friedrich von Hügel (1883-1908) (items 1-35)”. Copies of von Hügel articles and letters to editors; also includes items by Wilfrid Ward, H. Lucas, S.J., Charles Gore, and J. Wehrle.

29. “Writings of von Hügel, 1908+ (items 36-79)”. All copies.

30. “Annotated Books from F. v. Hügel’s Library”. Copies of select pages from von Hügel’s books at St. Andrews University Library. Notable are extensive notes on end sheets of Tyrrell’s Hard Sayings (1898).

31. “Reading Lists from F.v.H.’s Diaries.” Copies of selected pages of diaries, 1877-79, and 1884+, on which von Hügel noted some of the books in read each year.

32. “Petre-Clutton-Tyrrell-Channey Families, also Shelley”. Several letters to Thomas Loome; genealogical information.

33. “Editors: Heythrop Journal, Downside, Month, Tablet”. Some correspondence about Loome’s writings.

34. “Individual Researchers in Allied Areas”. Some correspondence with Loome.

35. “Libraries and Archives”. Correspondence with Loome.

36. “Jesuit Priests and Farm Street Library”. Includes originals of a Joseph Rickaby letter (1900); a letter of C. S. Martindale to Chapman (1961) containing opinions about Tyrrell; letters from a priest at Heythrop College to Chapman concerning Tyrrell’s writings in the “Blandyke Papers”, an in-house handwritten magazine conducted by the philosophy faculty at Stonyhurst; some letters to Loome.

37. “Publishers, Including Letters from Maisie Ward Sheed”. Loome’s correspondence with Tyrrell’s publishers and with Maisie Sheed.

38. “Articles on Tyrrell”. Copies of twenty articles, some by contemporaries such as Bremond and Dell, some later.

39. “Unpublished Tyrrell Essays”. Two essays (copies) from the “Blandyke Papers”: 1) “Quid mihi et tibi?” (April, 1895); 2) “How do you know?” (May, 1896); and typescript of “Beati Excommunicati” (with a carbon).

40. “Letters of Tyrrell and von Hügel”. Copies of seven letters of von Hügel to Dom Brizio Casciola (1911-1923) (in French); four letters of von Hügel to Padre Gazzolla (1909-1912) (in French); six letters of Tyrrell to Semeria (1900-1904) (typed copies, in English); chronology of Tyrrell’s life, including places of residence.

41. “Joint Pastoral (1901) Articles”. Copies of Month articles (1901) by S. Smith and J. Rickaby; copy of Tyrrell’s unpublished essay, “Rome’s Opportunity” (written late 1901).

42. “Tyrrell – Prefaces and Introductions”. Copies of twelve items.

43. “Tyrrell-Reviews (1895-1903)”. Copies of sixteen items, including some from Weekly and Monthly Register.

44. “Tyrrell-Reviews (1904-1909)”. Copies of fifteen items.

45. “Tyrrell-Essays, Letters-to-the-Editors (1891-1899)”. Copies of eight items.

46. “Tyrrell-Essays, etc. (1900-1906)”. Copies of twenty items to Weekly and Monthly Register, Pilot, Demain, and Tablet.

47. “Tyrrell-Essays, etc. (1907)”. Includes two essays in Italian journals.

48. “Tyrrell-Essays, Letters-to-the-Editors (Jan.-June, 1908)”. Ten items.

49. “Tyrrell-Essays, Letters-to-the-Editors (July-Dec., 1908)”. Seven items.

50. “Tyrrell-Essays, etc. (1909-1912)”. Thirteen items.

51. “Tyrrell-Poetry, Letters”. Nine items.

52. “Crehan-Thurston”. Correspondence between Loome, Chapman, and Crehan regarding Tyrrell-Thurston correspondence.

53. “Tyrrell’s Death and Burial – Obituaries”. Includes copies of M. Petre’s hand-written notes on Tyrrell’s last days; notes from the Clutton papers; some published obituaries.

54. “Tyrrell and A. H. Mathew”. Copies of typescripts of correspondence in Archives of the English Province of the Society of Jesus.

55. “Lea-Mathew Correspondence (1906-1909)”. Fifteen-page type-script of article by Loome on Henry Charles Lea; copies of nineteen letters between Mathew and Lea, from H. C. Lea Memorial Library of the University of Pennsylvania.

56. “Individuals Possessing MSS”. File of Loome’s correspondence with such as Dr. Adams (Clutton Papers), E. I. Watkin, Sir Francis Meynell, G. H. Newsome, and Lord Ashbourne (grandson of W. Gibson).

57. “Articles by Wilfred Ward”. Three items.

58. “Miscellaneous Photocopies”. Copies of articles in Modernist period.

59. “Articles by Dillon (?)”. Copies of four articles from the Contemporary Review (c. 1903-1904) under pseudonyms “Voces Catholicae” and “Romanus”.

60. “Lady Charlotte Blennerhassett: Biographical Essays”. Eleven essays (1877-1917) on Dupanloup, Montalembert, Kraus, Acton, Newman, et. al. (mostly in German publications); copy of Alfred Dumaine’s “Lady Blennerhassett: La Dernière Europêene” (1917).

61. “George Tyrrell-Modernist Controversy”. Correspondence relating to acquisition of the Tyrrell/Modernist Collection.

62. “Hochland”. Copies of articles (c. 1960-1961).

63. “Modernist-von Hügel-Tyrrell Students”. Correspondence with Loome.

64. “Tyrrell Bibliography”. Copy of typescript for Loome’s first Heythrop bibliography; copies of other printed bibliographies on Tyrrell.

65. “Unpublished Material Consulted”. Brief hand list of von Hügel Papers, St. Andrews; two sheets on Blennerhassett Papers, Cambridge University Library.

66. “Unsigned Reviews – Perhaps by Tyrrell”. (Probably not by Tyrrell).

67. “Unsigned Essays and Letters, Perhaps by Tyrrell”. Includes copy of “Scahdalum Pusillorum,” Weekly Register, 11 Oct. 1901, 445-446; and “Cisalpine’s” “The ‘Dublin Review’ and the ‘Rinnovamento’,” The Guardian, 5 Feb. 1908, 201.

68. “Articles Concerning Friedrich von Hügel”. Copies of seventeen articles (1925-1965) by such as Claude Montefiore, Charles Gardner, T. S. Eliot, Gwendolen Greene, Clement Webb, Michael Hanbury, et. al.; also includes printed membership lists for the London Society for the Study of Religion (1913-1922, 1926-1930).

69. “Articles on: Bremond, Blondel, and Thorlod”.

70. “Modernism”. Copies of articles (1907-1970), about twenty.

71. “Relevant Articles”. Copies of a few items from Weekly Register, Pilot, etc. (1901-1908).

72. “Maude Petre”. Copies of fifteen articles (1900-1943), all by Petre.

73. “Photographs and Genealogies”. Contains photographs of Tyrrell and some German figures, as well as one of Pius X and Merry del Val; four-page genealogy of Tyrrell family.

74. “Photographs”. Several photographs of Tyrrell, the funeral, M. Petre, E. Bishop, R. Dell, and W. Gibson. Some negatives.

B. Microfilms.

1. Film of unpublished letters of Tyrrell and von Hügel to the editor of the Church Quarterly Review in Lambeth Palace Library (MSS.1616-1620, select folios only).

2. Film of von Hügel’s extensively annotated copy of Blondel’s Histoire et dogme (presumably from St. Andrews).

3. Film of correspondence of Tyrrell and Houtin (N.A.F.15743); this reel also includes four letters of J. Sauer to Loisy (?) (N.A.F.15661).

4. Large manila envelope containing three reels from British Library:

1) 44930-44931, von Hügel and Tyrrell; 45361-45362, von Hügel to Petre.

2) 44927-44929, von Hügel and Tyrrell (1897+).

3) 43680-43681, Tyrrell to A. R. Waller (1898-1908).

C. Manila Envelopes (mostly 5”x7”) and Unbound Packets.

1. Unbound Packet. Copies of letters of von Hügel to Dent publishing company, about Mystical Element of Religion.

2. Envelope with two pamphlets: 1) Duren J. H. Ward, “Fundamentalism and Modernism: A Seaside Episode” (Denver: Up the Divide Publishing Co., 1925), 32pp.; 2) “The Mortu Proprio of Pope Pius X, Dated June 29, 1910” (Chicago: Open Court, [1911]), 36pp.

(Note: all letters in envelopes described below are copies)

3. Envelope. Six letters of J. Möller to Kraus (1897-1901, n.d.).

4. Envelope. One letter of John Ireland to Kraus (1899) (in French).

5. Envelope. Six letters of Felix Klein to Kraus (1898-1901) (in French).

6. Envelope. One letter of Eucken to Kraus (1901).

7. Envelope. Eight letters of W. Gibson to Kraus (1899-1901, n.d.) (in French).

8. Envelope. Five letters of Genocchi to Kraus (1899-1900, n.d.).

9. Envelope. Two letters of J. Bumüller to Kraus (1901).

10. Envelope. One letter of R. Dell to Kraus (1901).

11. Envelope. Four letters of E. J. Dillon to Kraus (1899-1901).

12. Envelope. Five letters of Ehrhard to Kraus (1889-1898).

13. Envelope. Nine letters of Bonomelli to Kraus (1898-1901, n.d.).

14. Envelope. One letter of H. I. Ryder to Kraus (written for Newman, 1879).

15. Envelope. Two letters of Schmidlin to Kraus (1901).

16. Envelope. Four letters of Schrörs to Kraus (1886-1900).

17. Envelope. Two letters of Bishop Spaulding to Kraus (1900-1901).

18. Envelope. Eighteen letters of J. Sauer to Ehrhard (1901-1932).

19. Envelope. Four letters of August Cholat (ed. of Demain) to Ehrhard (1905-1907); one letter of J. Müller to Ehrhard (1937).

20. Envelope. Nineteen letters of Alfred von Reumont to Kraus (1871-1885).

21. Envelope. Six letters of Lord Acton to Kraus ([1878] to 1896, n.d.).

22. Envelope. One letter of William Barry to Kraus (1899).

23. Envelope. Nineteen letters of Kraus to Lady Blennerhassett (1899-1901).

24. Envelope. Twenty-one letters of Kraus to Lady Blennerhassett (1895-1898). (Originals of items 23 and 24 in Cambridge University Library).

25. Envelope. Five letters of A. Ehrhard to Blennerhassett (1902-1911).

26. Envelope. Seven letters of Eucken to Blennerhassett (1901-1904).

27. Envelope. Six letters of G. Pfeilschifter to Blennerhassett (1907-10) (originals of items 25-27 in Cambridge Univ. Library).

D. Six Red Spiral Notebooks with Copied Letters Pasted In.

1. “Miss Norah Shelley”. Nine or Ten letters, mostly to A. L. Lilley. (Probably from St. Andrews University Library).

2. “Letters of Friedrich von Hügel”. Includes: seven letters to Kraus (1895-1900; five letters to Ehrhard (1898-1922); twelve letters to H.I.D. Ryder (1890-1893); seven letters to Eucken (1897-1906); and twenty-one letters to G. W. Young (1904-1910). Ryder group also includes copy of von Hügel’s “Notes Addressed to the Very Revd. H. I. D. R. Upon the Subject of Biblical Inspiration and Inerrancy” (Privately printed, July, 1891, 15pp.).

3. “Lady Blennerhassett to Albert Ehrhard (1903-1915)”. Thirty-Four pages.

4. Unlabeled Notebook. Includes: three letters of von Hügel to David Cairns (1916-1918); five letters of Genocchi to von Hügel (1898-1916); sixteen letters of J. H. Newman to von Hügel (1874-1875).

5. “Edmund Bishop to von Hügel”. Twenty-five letters (1904-1913).

6. “Joseph Sauer Papers (Freiburg)”. Includes fourteen letters from Bremond (1904-1908); one letter from F. Klein (1902); four letters from Loisy (1903-1906); four letters of Sauer to Loisy (from N. A. F.); one letter from Rhoda von Schubert (1925); two letters from George Tyrrell (1904-1907).

E. Eleven Large Bound Notebooks with Copied Correspondence Pasted In.

1. Large Green Scrapbook. Includes copies of 1) Frank Rooke Ley Papers (St. Andrews); 2) Some Wilfrid Ward Papers (St. Andrews); 3) David Fleming Papers (Franciscan Archives, London); 4) Kraus Papers (Trier); 5) H. I. D. Ryder Papers (Birmingham Oratory); and several copies of articles and letters in Weekly Register, Pilot, etc. All these papers relate to “Liberal Catholicism, 1899-1903”.

2. Red Scrapbook. Copies of Tyrrell-Raffalovish correspondence (1899-1908) (Blackfriars, Oxford).

3. Green Minute Book. Letters of Tyrrell to Thurston (copies of Crehan’s two articles in The Month).

4. Blue Scrapbook. Copies of Tyrrell to Houtin letters (N. A. F., Fonds. Houtin 15743).

5. Green Scrapbook. Includes: 1) thirty-five letters of Tyrrell to Kitty Clutton (1904-1909); 2) nine letters of Tyrrell to Fr. Henry Clutton (1902-1908); 3) one letter of Arthur Bell to K. Clutton; 4) Norah Shelley’s account of Tyrrell’s death; 5) K. Clutton’s annotation of M. Petre’s printed account of Tyrrell’s death; 6) one letter of Dessoulavey to von Hügel (1909); 7) one letter of Lilley to von Hügel (1909); 8) one letter of J. Walker to von Hügel (1909); 9) obituary of Tyrrell; 10) Clutton to von Hügel (1909); 11) Stockley to Maisie Ward; 12) Hammersley; 13) Amigo to Bourne.

6. Grey Minute Book. Includes copies of Tyrrell to A. L. Lilley (1903-1909, from St. Andrews); and copies of one letter from Rickaby to Young (1908) and one letter from Tyrrell to Young (1908).

7. Green Book – “Miscellaneous Correspondence”. Items in chronological order (189801904) from: 1) Archives of English Province of Society of Jesus; 2) Archives of the Archdiocese of Westminster; 3) Wilfrid Meynell Papers; 4) Ward Family Papers, including a few letters of Tyrrell to Ward.

8. Green Book. A miscellaneous collection including: 1) seven letters of von Hügel to Halifax (1902-1909); 2) eleven letters of Tyrrell to Halifax (1897-1902); 3) ten letters of Halifax to von Hügel (1895-1911); 4) thirteen letters of von Hügel to James Ward; 5) three letters of Tyrrell to Mignot; 6) one letter of Tyrrell to Abbot Ford of Downside (1905); 7) three letters of Tyrrell to Casciola (1903-1906); 8) exchange between Wilfrid Ward and Lady Blennerhassett on Acton and Newman (c.1912).

9. Green Book, “Letters of Tyrrell to Maude Petre” (1903-1908). Also includes: 1) letters of Tyrrell to Loisy (1902-1909); 2) letters of Tyrrell to Laberthonnière (1903-1907); 3) miscellaneous letters of Duchesne and W. Barry to Lady Blennerhassett.

10. Green Book. Letters of Tyrrell to Petre (1898-1902).

11. Green Book. All von Hügel items, including: 1) copies of the von Hügel to Bishop letters published in Dublin Review; 2) an unpublished von Hügel Synthetic Society paper (1896); 3) copies of von Hügel to M. D’Arcy letters published in The Month; 4) two letters of von Hügel to E. I. Watkin (1921-23) and von Hügel’s notes for a discussion with Watkin (1923); 5) unpublished notes of W. Ward for an essay on von Hügel; 6) fifteen letters of C. Butler to von Hügel (1895-1904); 7) four letters of Buonaiutti to von Hügel (1907-1910); 8) two letters of David Fleming to von Hügel; 9) three letters of von Hügel to Charles Gore; 10) one letter each of von Hügel to Laberthonnière (1911) and Cardinal Vaughan (1896); 11) and one letter of Harnack to von Hügel (1911).

F. Eight Extra-Large Red Spiral Notebooks Containing Copied Items.

1. “Miscellaneous Letters, 1906-1911”. Includes copies of letters from the Farm Street Archives, Wilfred Ward Papers, Meynell Papers, Halifax Papers, and Bourne Papers. Specific items include: letters to Ward from Tyrrell, Barry, Fawkes, Williams, and Duke of Norfolk; letters of Ward to Norfolk, Bourne, Cox, W. S. Lilly, Williams, and Fawkes; several letters of Tyrrell to Jesuit superiors.

2. Ehrhard-Keppler, Auseinandersetzung (1902-1903).

3. Letters of von Hügel to Wilfred Ward, I (1881-1898).

4. Letters of von Hügel to Wilfrid Ward, II (1899-1908).

5. Letters of von Hügel to Wilfrid Ward, III (1911-1916). Also includes assorted papers from Downside Archives, including: 1) von Hügel to C. Butler; 2) Dell to Bishop; 3) Mivart to Bishop. Also includes letters of von Hügel to Newman (1874-1886).

6. Letters of von Hügel to A. L. Lilley (1903-1925). Also includes letters of von Hügel to Hippolyte Delehaye, S.J. (1905-1922).

7. Letters of Tyrrell to Bremond, I (1898-1905).

8. Letters of Tyrrell to Bremond, II (1906-1909).

G. Stack of Unbound Photocopies of Correspondence and Essays.

1. Assorted von Hügel items, including: letters of Gladstone to von Hügel; handwritten extracts from newspapers; notes from G. M. Froude’s journal of 1875 with summaries of talks with Newman; notes of a talk with Ryder (1876); extracts from articles.

2. Copies of letters of von Hügel to Norman Kemp Smith (1919-1924).

3. Letters of Holtzmann to von Hügel (1901-1910) (from St. Andrews).

4. Letters of Hans Vaihinger to von Hügel (1904-1920) (St. Andrews).

5. Selected items from A. L. Lilley Papers (St. Andrews), including letters from Bremond, Dell, Clutton, Fawkes, Houtin, Inge, Loisy, Sabatier, and Lisa Scopoli.

6. Letters of Eucken to von Hügel (St. Andrews).

H. Box of Original Von Hügel Papers.

1. Eighty-Six letters of von Hügel to Gwendolen Plunkett Green, including numerous letters not published in Letters to a Niece, or published only in part.

2. Three Manuscripts of von Hügel Essays: 1) “Some Notes on the Petrine Claims” (in form of a letter dated Sept. 2-7, 1893), 58pp. (Published in book-form in 1930; in MS the letter is addressed to “My Dear Rhoda,” and the Anglican divine is identified as Walter Frere.); 2) “The Difficulties and Dangers of Nationality” (dated July 3, 1921), 30pp., signed “G. P. G. from F. v. H. (This essay published in the Challenge, 4 & 11 August 1922, and reprinted in Essays and Addresses, Vol. I.); 3) “Remarks in Answer to the Question ‘What Do I Mean by God?’ Read at the L. S. S. R. Meeting of 7th Feb., 1922”, 12pp. typescript with penciled corrections (includes comments on positions of Mr. Hellerstrom, Mr. Handley, Mr. Montefiore, and Dr. Dessoulavey.

I. Miscellaneous Items.

1. Unbound Copy of 22pp. typescript, “Carl von Hügel. Early Years” “Fragment of an Autobiography Written for his Children”.

2. Loose original letter of Edmund Gardner to Wilfrid Ward (1908), regarding an unfavorable review of Gardner’s St. Catherine of Siena in the Dublin Review, with annotation by Ward.