Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Liturgical Arts Quarterly

We recently unearthed a great pile of issues and bound volumes of Liturgical Arts Quarterly, a periodical which ran from 1931-1972, and which comprises 40 volumes (v.1 no.1 - v.40 no.3). I've had a great time going through these trying to constitute sets. The early volumes have some gorgeous images, but these gradually become stranger as the periodical moved through the years. These volumes provide an illuminating (and in my opinion, frightening) view of what happened regarding much of the western Church's architectural and practical liturgical changes over a critical span of time.

In the end, we managed to constitute one set of original issues and about four bound sets, one of which is already gone (best set here [SOLD], otherwise search our site [SEE UPDATE BELOW] by KEYWORD or telephone us). There are also many individual issues and volumes available if you need just a few or want to complete your set. [Do I get bonus points for creating so many links?]

UPDATE: 29 April
The "best set" sold today. The next one is here. And I just finished constituting one last hardbound set, which ought to upload to the site within the next hour (you can search by keywords "liturgical arts quarterly" on our site for it; don't use the title field in the search, as it needs, and is scheduled for, fixing).

UPDATE: 30 April
The "next one" sold today. Now for the next up, also a very nice hardbound set. There's also still the set in original issues, which is in excellent condition. And, of course, there are a great many odd volumes and issues. I'm glad there are people who find this periodical as interesting as I do.

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