Wednesday, March 18, 2015

From Newman to Dostoevsky, From Hopkins to Milosz - Lucy Beckett surveys it all.

Dear Misfits,

We met last week to discuss selected Chapters from In the Light of Christ, Lucy Beckett's remarkable survey of writings in the Western Tradition.  We had decided to read and discuss only selected portions of the book, namely the Introduction (The Order of Love), Chapter 16 (John Henry Newman and Matthew Arnold), Chapter 17 (G. M. Hopkins and Emily Dickinson), Chapter 20 (Russia II: The Brothers Karamazov to Solzhenitsyn), and Chapter 22 (Czeslaw Milosz and Pope John Paul II).  Well, that merely whet our appetite for more Beckett.  This is easy to understand once you begin reading (and rereading) this profound examination of the impact the Catholic Faith has had on every aspect of Western Culture.  You simply want more of it.  Therefore, we have decided to read the entire survey, beginning to end.  

We have already read and discussed Chapter 1, The Order of Love.  We will now read Chapter's 2-5 (pages 1-104) for next month.  I think it will be helpful to  continue our discussion of the Introduction to the book wherein Beckett lays out her thesis that the value of the truthfulness, beauty, and goodness of the  Augustinian Catholic tradition, is best understood "in relation to the absolute truth, beauty and goodness that are one in God and that are definitively revealed to the world in Christ".

I am personally very excited about reading and discussing all of this great book with you.  I am pleased that we have decided to do so. 

And to remind, our next meeting will be at 7:00 pm, Wednesday, April 8th, in the St. Thomas More Library, the Church of St. Michael, Stillwater, MN.

In Joyful expectation of the Risen Christ,

Misfit Buzz

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