Friday, August 14, 2009

The Poetic and Creative Powers of Real Books

Dr. Thursday is one of our most beloved patrons of Loome Theological Booksellers. In response to my last blog he sent a link to a poem about real books. What's more, voluminously more, however is the saga that Dr. Thursday is writing about Loome Theological Booksellers (actually Dr. Thursday has set his tale in an alternate reality - the town is "Quayment" and the bookstore is named "Weaver's"). We received the latest installment in the mail today.

Curiously the latest installment came with a sealed envelope with the following message:

Andrew tells me the message above is typical of Dr. Thursday - mischievous.

Since his stories are one of a kind we don't have them available (yet?) for general readership. The few copies we have are circulating among the staff at Loome Theological Booksellers and Chestnut Street Books. However, we have been able to prepare one copy for sale. It's price is VERY high. The curious can search for "The Black Hole in Basement" at

Our affection for Dr. Thursday and his for us is centered around our shared love of real books. Real books awaken poetic and creative powers.

Read well.

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