Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Loome Medallion Found!

The hunt is over, gentle readers. The Loome Medallion was found late Wednesday afternoon by Brad Lindberg on the third day of the hunt. The medallion was hidden in Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh in our Modern Christian Literature and Poetry section. For your enjoyment, we present the clues below in their entirety.

Welcome to the hunt! I'll be blunt,
when I say I don't let it go 'til March.
The thing that is main, is not to let the medallion remain
until your throat is parched.

Ladies and Lords could not afford
to let the hunt go on longer.
Adam and Eve, might even grieve
if their hunch wasn't stronger.

You think Loome is cold? Don't be so bold.
Imagine life across the pond.
Britain's winter is humid, don't think me stupid,
but of dry winter I am fond.

We are the Bride of Christ, that should suffice
to tell you our clues hint at salvation.
Sacred or profane, I do not feign
when I say I can't tell you the location.

Pray to the saints, if your heart faints,
Don't let our clues fool ya'.
Try St. Charles Borromeo, he's not one to lay low,
St. Sebastian or St. Julia.


We'll end all our quotes with a literary note,
we've found this hunt exquisite.
This'll get you over the hump, if you're still stumped,
The old clues you must revisit.

Congratulations to Mr. Lindberg!

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