Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Store Plants in Flower

The Crown of Thorns plant is much less scary now that it has burst forth in delicate, little, red flowers.

And Phyllis the Amaryllis has busted out two giant, lush, red flowers. Very nice.

I might note some of the books behind Phyllis. For, frankly, I find these more interesting than the plants. There's the Opera omnia of Melchior Cano, O.P., in three volumes, as well as an original edition of his De locis theologicis, 1569 (I covet these). That K√ľng book is signed. There's a book signed by Mother Teresa and several volumes on liturgical weirdities. And then there are three volumes of the works of Bl. John Duns Scotus (I'm looking for at least one more volume around here somewhere. Let me know if you see it.)

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