Friday, May 28, 2010

The Vatican. A Weekly Record of the Council

Here's one of my favorite books in stock at present, "The Vatican. A Weekly Record of the Council", published by The Tablet from December 1869 to August 1870. This volume includes all the weekly editions. Not long ago I took it with me on a plane just to read many of the interesting clippets of information dealing with all sorts of things: Jansenists and Gallicans, Newman (Bl.) and opportunists, Eastern bishops at the Council, the problem(s) with the Pall Mall Gazette, the opinion of the Protestant press, Anglican orders, Gratry and Gueranger, inside dirt, intrigue, and nice advertisements.
The weekly was decidedly pro-infallibility.
And there are adverts at the end of each issue. These are fun. Below is one for Dunn's Essence of Coffee, an early move toward faster and less-tasteful coffee-like products.
And, bless me, a squished bug!

This one is really useful: Oldridge's Balm of Columbia. "Restorative and Cool and Refreshing Beautifier of Hair." You can tell from the picture how well it works. The price is probably a bit outdated.
I have, of course, done this book no justice by focusing on silly things. Really, though, it is quite interesting. If you stop by, you might peruse it.

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