Monday, June 28, 2010

Attic Adventures

What happens when one of the store's most inconvenient lamps develops a short circuit? Never fear! Bookmen to the rescue! Since the electricians were quoting a grand sum for scaffolding, etc., etc., we decided to become electricians and stuntmen. We pulled the lamp toward the balcony with some rope and managed to reach it with a ladder (somewhat precariously). It was clear what was shorting once the socket was extracted, and this was easily fixed and the socket reinstalled. (A shot of the center of the ceiling - rather high up there.)

BUT THEN we had to reconnect power to the lamp (previously disconnected to let other lamps function despite the short in this one) up in the great, big, dark, dusty, mildly creepy ATTIC high above the store.

In the attic, the work of early 20th century Swedes is evident. Concerning the structural support over the concave ceiling in the store and the rather steeply pitched roof above it, it almost appears the Swedes made it up as they went along.
For safety and health reasons, we do not currently offer tours of the attic.

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