Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is this a Catholic bookstore?

The Protestant builders of our store building.
We have recently observed the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and Pope Benedict dedicated his General Audience that week to the same topic.  In his talk he writes: "It is therefore important to increase day by day in reciprocal love, striving to surmount those barriers between Christians that still exist; to feel that real inner unity exists among all those who follow the Lord; to collaborate as closely as possible, working together on the issues that are still unresolved; and above all, to be aware that on this journey we need the Lord’s assistance, he will have to give us even more help for, on our own, unless we “abide in him”, we can do nothing (cf. Jn 15:5)".  How does Loome Theological Booksellers fit into this?

Very often, when Protestants and others (and there are others), visit the bookstore they will ask, "Is this a Catholic bookstore," to which the answer is a qualified "yes".  We are a Catholic bookstore because the majority of our books are written by Catholics.  We are a Catholic bookstore because the majority of our workers have always been Catholic and some that weren't became Catholic (but not all).  We are also Catholic in the universal sense of that word.  We carry all books that help distinguish Truth from untruth, point to the Truth, prepare the way for the Truth, and bear witness to the Truth no matter if they were written by Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, or others (and there are others).  So, yes, we are a Catholic bookstore.

For the sake of a credible witness to Christ, Pope Benedict urges that we "collaborate as closely as possible, working together on the issues that are still unresolved".  Loome Theological Booksellers works with Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox through the books we sell to effect that "collaboration" and working towards resolution of those "issues that are still unresolved".  We have the books to give historical perspective and theological accuracy to the ecumenical discussions and endeavours of Christians today.  Yes, we are a Catholic bookstore and we are committed to ecumenism and we have the books to prove it.

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