Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What to Read on Vacation: A Pope's Thoughts

When the Pope comments on anything to do with reading we pay attention at Loome Theological Booksellers.  Lately the Pope spoke on vacation reading and since this weekend (at least in the States) is the last vacation weekend before the end of Summer, we thought some others would like to know what the Pope recommends for vacation reading.

He simply recommends reading the Bible.

Actually he recommends reading one of the books of the Bible straight through on vacation.

Selkirk was on a bit of an extended vacation at the time . . .

I find his recommendation a bit challenging.  When I go on vacation I want to read light reading; one of those books with chapter breaks every 8 pages; a book that doesn't require a dictionary for full enjoyment and understanding.  The Bible is hardly light reading.  However, I understand the Pope's point and I respect it.  He wants us to discover the Bible in a way we haven't before by reading one of its books straight through.  Vacations provide the time do so.  This would make vacations not simply relaxing and diverting but also an opportunity to "deepen our contact with the Eternal One".  Perhaps that's worth the challenge.

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