Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Farm Piety and a 100 year old Church of England Liturgical Rarity

Today’s bibliosite is a hand written prayer out of a 100 year old Church of England liturgical text:

“O Almighty & most loving Father, who in Thy Holy Word art declared to be willing to save both man & beast we beseech Thee to look upon our present distress & grievous loss through disease among the cattle. We pray that the measures taken to limit its diffusion & to free us from its deadly effects may bring a blessed deliverance so that what remains unto us may be spared & we may recover the fruits of our toil in farm & in market. We ask it for Thy tender mercies’ sake in Jesus Christ, our Lord.”

The simple piety of the farmer who composed this prayer stands as a witness to faith in the face of natural adversity.  May his words speak to all those who suffer today from tornadoes and the other destructive forces of nature.

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