Saturday, September 19, 2009

Avast, thar be pirates among the tomes!

Ahoy, me hearties! In celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Loome Theological Booksellers be keepin' an eye out for pirates.

Ye might think there be no such piratical tomes at Ye Olde Theological Bookseller, but pirates be masters of sneaking and skullduggery.

We found Whisperings of the Caribbean lurking in the Missionary Studies. It be the account of the bonny missionary Joseph J. Williams. He devotes the very first chapter to the Caribbean buccaneers.

An excerpt:
Captain Hickeringill, writing in 1661, speaks of the Bucaneers, "who live by killing the wild beeves for their hides; and might grow rich by the trade, did not their lavish rioting in the experience, at the neighbouring Tortudoes (Tortugas) exceed the hardship of their incomes. Their comfort is, they can never be broke whilst they have a dog and a gun; both which, are more industriously tended than themselves.

Scurvy pirates be lurking elsewhere at Loome. We found them skulking in the following tomes:

The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson (Including South Sea Tales and In the South Seas)
The Waverly Novels by Sir Walter Scott (Including The Pirate)
History of the Catholic Church in Jamaica by Francis J. Osborne, S.J.
Apostle of Brazil: The Biography of Padre José de Anchieta, S.J. (1534-1597) by Helen Dominian

Avast! Let the reader beware.

-Wild Cat Bonney


  1. Thank yee for the list yee scurvee brat! This should provide many an hour of reading by me lantern with a pint of grog in hand. If only me parrot would not sqwuak so!

  2. Aarrr, lookee here matey - us seafarin laddies what have not any booklarnin might have needs of a recordin or two fer tha eye patch (oh, belay that, I means the iPod). Thankee and keep yer powder dry -

    Tortuga Tom, scourge of the Caribee