Friday, September 25, 2009

Real Books Necissitate Real Bookstores

Once upon a time a library was where one could expect to find real books. By real books I mean those objects that contain printed pages bound between covers. However, while libraries rush to embrace the electronic screened word, WIRED published an article about how the king of the screened word, Google, is making way for more real books. That's good news for real bookstores.

The video about Northshire Bookstore's use of the Espresso Book Machine demonstrates how real books will always require real bookstores (or at least real bookish places), of which we have two: Loome Theological Booksellers and Chestnut Street Books wherein one will find thousands of real books, whether from the private libraries of scholars, pastors, and priests or from an Espresso Book Machine (maybe in a couple years . . . maybe), for many years to come.

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