Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ice Formation

Around the south-west corner of the store is a great formation of icicles built by the gradual melting of the snow and ice from the large roof.

Of these there is one great icicle that forms every year. I suppose it should have a name, but we haven't received one yet. This icicle usually grows so that it nearly touches the little roof below it. Then as Spring approacheth, one may be so privileged as to hear a great CRASH as the thing breaks free and falls to the earth. I heard it once. I have not been the same since.


  1. I think the icicle should be named "Great Icicle of Nigh Death".

  2. We shall not oppose said naming. Perhaps "Niles" for short? Though that's not very threatening. How about "Deathcicle"?

  3. Hmm... I don't like this much. I mean the icicle, not the name. Shades of Dante's Ninth Circle. But then I've always told people, I suspect it's heaven that has the fire anyway.

    Perhaps a more traditional variant could be Stiria magna Telae? By any name, it's scary. At least it's not inside, over the books.

    Say, where did Albertus go? And where did Frank come from?

    All this feels like a story. When are you guys gonna write one, huh?