Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Visit by Archbishop Raymond Burke

We were very pleased to welcome Archbishop Raymond Burke yesterday afternoon. He has been a Loome patron for many years and is, furthermore, a decidedly bookish character. Bookishness, mind you, is a virtue. A bookish person is one who reads often and well, knows about books and the things contained in books. The opposing vice (for those who need to know) is booklust, which is akin to greed and several other wicked habits. But as I was saying, the Archbishop is possessed of a good dose of healthy bookishness. Judging from his book picks over some time, I should say his general interests are broad, yet he delves deeply in some areas; I believe he has gathered books from nearly every section in the store. Allow me also to add that the Archbishop strikes me as a very kind man; kindness and bookishness, being virtues, go hand in hand.

Asked when he ever has a chance to read (for archbishops are rather busy people), Burke answered (with a grin) that he finds time to read at night, very late at night. Asked what he has been reading recently which he has enjoyed, the archbishop responded that he has been reading Journet on the Eucharist.

Our very best wishes to you, Archbishop Burke! We look forward to seeing you again.

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  1. Thanks for the picture! I love Archbishop Burke for his clear, charitable and courageous teaching of the Catholic faith. I'd be very happy to be able to call him Cardinal Burke some day...

  2. I'd be very happy to be able to call him my honorary grandfather! er, I mean, honorary cardinal grandfather. (Though he's probably a bit young to be my grandfather, in the spiritual realm this is all quite possible.)

  3. Wonderful! I have seen his library when he was in St. Louis - it was *very* well stocked... I think I found three editions of the Summa Theologiae!