Thursday, September 30, 2010

Early Disco

This portrait, discovered in 1955 with the subtitle "Calvin peint par Holbein", is the earliest extant example of Disco. Though scholars and men of good sense have their doubts as to whether John Calvin could in any way have been involved in the creation or proliferation of Disco, the gesture is unmistakable. Some believe, as is more likely the case, that the hand positioning is a bit of artistic license imposed by Holbein, who could have learnt it from some other painted acquaintance such as Erasmus, a much more likely source for this sort of innovation.

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  1. Calvin knows what's up. See that ever so slight smirk on his face?

  2. Which one of you will be Calvin for Halloween?

  3. Christopher will have to be Calvin. I'm going to dress up as Melanchthon. You?