Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Wanderer Fires Back!

A recent bibliosite is a "Personal Word to our Readers" from the Wanderer.  You can read the full text below by enlarging the picture.  The highlights are as follows:

  • "Every successive Bishop and Archbishop of St. Paul has approved our journalistic effort and not one of them has ever questioned our personal or journalistic integrity." [I believe this is no longer true after the reign of Archbishop Harry Flynn].

  • "The editors of the Wanderer are not - as some backfence whisperers would have it - "Fallen-away Catholics," nor, as others suggest even more loose-lipped, "a couple of defrocked priests"!

  • "From the very outset [The Wanderer was] so strongly anti-Nazi as well as anti-Communist that both the Hitler Government and the Stalin regime - and their U.S. henchmen! - made common cause as early as 1933 in attempts to suppress and destroy The Wanderer." [Henchmen!  The vile word choice is quite inflammatory.]

  • "The Wanderer claims no monopoly on the truth; . . . all we ask is that [our readers] consider in their minds what we write, without passion or prejudice; that they compare our findings with those of others, and that, on the basis of the principles and the facts, they make up their own minds and act on their considered judgment." [THAT sounds like a respectable newspaper!]

This bibliosite, with some math work, looks to be dated 1964.  And the Wanderer is still in print today.

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