Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cardinal Spellman's Bookplate

One of the most excellent of bookplates I've come across is that of Francis Cardinal Spellman (1889-1967) (shown above). The fineness of it does not come through in a photo, but everything including the paper & print quality is far above your average bookplate. I was pleased to find recently the same image (pictured below) while going through some (well, very many) volumes of Liturgical Arts Quaterly. Clearly, Spellman's bookplate image came from a drawing for the renovated Cathedral of St. Patrick, which renovation took place right around 1930.

The caption reads: "New marble altar and bronze baldachino in Saint Patrick's Cathedral, New York City. Designed by Maginnis and Walsh, Architects, and executed under their supervision."

(Liturgical Arts. Volume 10, No. 2; Feb. 1942)

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